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Introducing The Granger Tattler (TGT)

This forum provides insight into Granger Township’s political and social fiber. Most information was compiled from public records and sources. Review the information provided and make your own conclusions.

Page Structure

Home - This page will have a brief introduction with topics listed as headlines linked to more information.

Commentary - Headlines summary with links.

Market at Medina Line - This page will provide detailed information about the Menards project. Information will be available about boycotting Menards.

Newsletter - You can subscribe to the newsletter.

Township - Provides information about Granger Township with links to public records.

Links - Links to information about public records and government functions.

Contact - A simple form to contact TGT with the ability to attach files.

Left Side Images - Images with appropriate links.

Message from the Designer of TGT

After serving as a police officer for 10,004 days in the City of Independence, I retired in 1999 with the rank of Lieutenant.  I resided in Summit County until 2002 when I moved to Granger Township. My many duties included patrol, investigations, crime prevention, and training, including ethics and public records. Another duty was managing information systems which required learning different programming languages. Being retired and having some experience with web design, I thought a contribution to the Granger Township community would be TGT.

Dale Christ

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