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Menards Check Reimbursing Granger for CT Consultants Fees
According to Granger PDD Application requirements, they require reimbursement for consultant fees.  CT Consultants invoiced Granger and Granger paid the invoice.  Granger would invoice Menards and Menards paid that invoice.  Fees were in excess of $30,000.
One email indicates that Menards also used CT Consultants for a property survey for the PDD. Apparently there was some concern about a conflict for Granger hiring them and Kristin Hopkins of CT Consultants emailed Pace advising there would be no conflict.  The issue was forwarded to the prosecutor's office for review.  I presume the prosecutor ruled there would be no conflict.
Although legal, this arrangement seems very unusual for a government entity to use. Even though all parties agree there is no conflict, some taxpayers may look at it differently.  

Kristin Hopkins email to Trustee Pace and Pace's forward
to other Trustees about referring to the prosecutor.

Email notification of Menards final payment. 

CT Consultants Inc. - 875 Embassy Parkway, Suite 200 Akron, OH 44333

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