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Will Meijer join Menards in The Market at Medina Line?
The Market at Medina Line proposal has two 'Big Box store parcels".  One parcel will have Menards but what about the other?  Could it be a Meijer?  That is already a reality in Northeast Ohio. 
Menards - 4161 Maplecrest Pkwy - Bimfield (Opened 10/4/2020)
Notice Meijer (Opened 7/9/2020) Next to Menards
Moving South to Wooster, here is a proposed Menards - Meijer project.
Notice the similarity to The Market at Medina Line below
There seems to be a good possibility it could be a Meijer next to Menards. More locations exist in other areas of the country, right next to each other.  Here is a quote from the Wooster Planning Commission meeting on May 6, 2021:

"Chris Jones, Real Estate Manager for Meijer, stated that the company was the 8th largest grocery store in America and the company liked to be involved in the community.  Mr. Jones stated that the project was a prototypical project, similar to Menards.  Mr. Jones explained that the building was 159,953 sq. ft. and similar to the new stores built in the last five years in northeast Ohio.  Mr. Jones explained that Meijer opened five new stores in the last couple of years and would be opening two stores next week in Ohio.  Mr. Jones continued that Meijer worked with Menards in Kent, Ohio.  He noted that the store opening had a slightly different time frame due to Covid-19. "    Meeting Minutes 

Imagine the traffic increase plus service calls to the sheriff, ems, and fire.  There are an additional 8 retail parcels available.  Granger did not need this project and the area was best left to farmland.

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