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Talking Trash
There was a discussion about trash haulers at the January 16, 2023, Granger Trustee Meeting.  From the minutes:

TOWNSHIP RESIDENT EDWIN UPTON of 872 North Medina Line Road addressed the Board
regarding trash collection. He noted his cost with Rumpke was scheduled to increase to $31.00 per month, but he was able to negotiate a rate of $28.30 with Kimble. He investigated what other communities are charged when a contract is negotiated by government entities. He found that Bath Township uses Rumpke at a rate of $18.89 per month, Richfield Village uses Rumpke at a rate of $16.75 per month and Boston Township uses Kimble at a cost of $22.87 per month. Some of these have annual escalation clauses. It appears it would be cheaper for Granger Residents if a contract was negotiated by the Trustees. Other beneļ¬ts might include less wear and tear on Township Roads and the potential elimination of the recycling bins in front of the Administration Building.

Mr. Pace commented this was considered in the past. Pricing may not be comparable because trash has to be taken to the Medina County Recycling Center and there are tipping fees. Additionally, we heard from several residents who voiced the opinion the Township should not dictate what company they use. He also noted there may not be an, or a very limited, opt-out ability. Montville and Hinckley Townships have implemented such programs to mixed reviews.  (Minutes  )

Mr. Upton is spot on. Granger residents would save money if one hauler was selected after a bidding process. Trash trucks weigh approximately 15,000 lbs. empty and 36,000 lbs. loaded.  So, he is correct that there will be less stress on Granger's roads if there was only one hauler. Plus, there would be less air pollution.
Trustee Pace is correct that there is a tipping fee.  However, I advise him that the Granger residents are already paying that fee with their current hauler so that argument is irrelevant.  
Many residents expressed their opposition to Menards Market at Medina Line but Trustee Pace acted against their wishes and approved the project. So Trustee Pace, why can't you go against those residents that don't want a single hauler and seek bids for a single trash hauler?

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