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How much do you really know about The Market at Medina Line?
You may have heard about a proposed Menards located on the NW corner of Medina Rd at N. Medina Line Rd. in Granger Township.  It is not only a Menards but a 126-acre development known as The Market at Medina Line.  It will include other retail and office facilities as part of a Planned Development District (PDD).  Review this information. At the bottom of this page, you will have an opportunity to Boycott Menards and The Market at Medina Line if you wish.
The next two images are from a Preliminary Plan Extension request presented at the November 3, 2021, Medina County Planning Commission meeting by Menards.  The document is 10 pages and you can view it here: Plan Extension 
This image is in the Plan Extension.  It is located on page 8 and is better viewed here: Plan Extension Page 8   All 6 images in the plan can be viewed here --> PDD Images
This image reflects the proposed composition of The Market at Medina Line.  Notice that the sublots S/L 1 through S/L 11 total 59.51 acres of retail space.  Nowhere along Medina Rd. in Granger Township is that amount of retail space compacted into an area this size. The image is located on page 10 of the Plan Extension.  View the page here: Extension Page 10 
This is an earlier version of the Extension Page 8 image.  The nomenclature is different.  S/1 was Block A, S/2 was Block B, and so on. 
Point X (Pinnacle Sports) to Point Y on Medina Rd at N. Medina Line Rd. is about .6 of a mile.
Point Y to Point Z (Opposite Bath residence at 197 N. Medina Line Rd.) is about .4 of a mile.
Block A is Menards & Block B may be a “Big Box” store such as a Meijer store. Menards and Meijer have a history of locating their stores close to each other. Below are locations in Brimfield and one proposed in Wooster with links to each. Wooster has a diagram similar to the Extension Page 8 image.
View/Download Brimfield  | View/Download Wooster 
As you can see, The Market at Medina Line is much more than just a standalone Menards.  Factor in a possible Meijer along with 8 other retail establishments and you have more traffic congestion plus air, light, and noise pollution. Also, more service calls for Law Enforcement, EMS, and Fire.
And maybe:

Visit Menards Propane Information
Part of the Yellow Creek Watershed is located in the Market parcel.
Information about the watershed.
Email from Medina County Park District about preserving the watershed. 
Originally, it appears that maybe Menards intended to erect only a building for themselves but trustees encouraged them to expand.  Here is a statement from Mr. Tom O'Neil who represents Menards.

"I think that the Township was correct to discourage us from trying to proceed initially simply in accordance with C2 regulations.

I also believe the Township was correct to encourage us to try and incorporate both the Hartman and the MCL Investments properties into more of a comprehensively planned overall development for the frontage along State Route 18."

This statement is on Page 35 of the minutes from the August 27, 2020, Township Special Meeting.  View/Download Minutes 
Trustee Berry recused herself from the discussion because her family has an interest in MCL Investments.

MS. BERRY: Yes. I would like to recuse myself. Consistent with my previous statement and pursuant to applicable Ohio law, I'm recusing myself from any discussions or decision regarding the application.

Trustee Berry was referring to this on page 1 of the January 27, 2020  meeting minutes.

Mrs. Berry stated she was recusing herself from, and would not participate in any of, Menard’s discussion or decision since her family is a minority shareholder in MCL Investments. This company owns some of the land which is included in the PDD application.

If you are opposed to The Market at Medina Line, visit our Boycott Page to learn how your voice can be heard.

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