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Township Information
Granger Township - 3717 Ridge Rd. - (330) 239-3611 | | Zoning Map 
Trustees used their business or private email addresses to conduct official township communications until recently.   Current information as of 3/27/2023:
   Trustee       Current Email           Past Email
Teri A. Berry
John H. Ginley
Richard L. Pace
Donald L. Baker Fiscal Officer
Randal Davis Zoning Inspector
Fire Department (330) 239-2111
Trustee Minutes
Search Township Site
Below is an example using the address bar to search this site.  The results would be linked containing the word Zoning.  Try it yourself.

1. Type “site:” followed by the name of the website you’re searching. You don’t need to include  “www.” to get a result but you can.

2. Follow the website name with a single space and then type the search phrase.

3. Hit Enter or Return to begin the search.

Public Records
You may be able to search the township website but that does not guarantee that all records are available.  Review Ohio Revised Code Section 149.43 which covers Ohio public records.

The Ohio Public Records Act provides:

“To facilitate broader access to public records, a public office or person responsible for public records shall organize and maintain public records in a manner that they can be made available for inspection or copying in accordance with division (B) of this section.  A public office also shall have available a copy of its current records retention schedule at a location readily available to the public.” Ohio Rev. Code § 149.43(B)(2)

Every record may not be available on the township website.  Records like invoices, checks, letters from the public, emails, and others may not be available.  You should submit a request that is specific.  An example would be:

"All emails from or to the address used by Trustee Pace conducting township business regarding Menards plan for the Market at Medina Line."

Trustees using their private email addresses can be a problem in complying with a public records request.  I made a request and Mr. Baker had to send an email to the trustees to forward any emails covered by my request. His email -->FW: Public Records Request Attached 
Here is Guidance from the Ohio Electronic Records Committee 
Here is an email received from a similar request ---> Subject: Menards ZC approved motion 
The email contains this signature: 
Ohio Attorney General Videos on YouTube
How to Make a Public Records Request | Public Records 101
A good reference for townships is the  ---> Ohio Township Handbook 

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