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Welcome to The Granger Tattler.  Be sure to visit the About page which will give you a guide to this site.  This page will have headlines with a link expanding to more information.  Most information was gathered from public records requests.
During my career as a police officer, I received ethics training.  One point the instructor made was to "Always Do the Right Thing".  That is very important to remember as a public official.  You could say that this site will be a "Watchdog".
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Update: March -2024
Spring is near and unfortunately Menards should soon start construction according to Mr. Tom O’Neil.  The Medina County Planning Commission granted Menards an extension to proceed at the November 2023 commission meeting. (Meeting Minutes )
On November 3 & 9 of 2023, Menards completed the purchase of the Market at Medina Line properties for $12,635,000 from the owners.  This included $7,135,000 to MCL Investments.  Trustee Teri Berry's family has a financial interest in MCL Investments. (Transfer Document )
In the November 2023 election, Granger voters could have made a statement against The Market at Medina Line by voting out Trustee Ginley who supported the Menards project. Unfortunately, he was re-elected. (Election Results )

Mr. Tom O’Neil of Menards stated that Granger Township encouraged them to add properties to their Market at Medina Line proposal. Did you know one of the trustee’s family had a financial interest in one of the properties?  Why won’t Granger officials answer the question of who encouraged Menards to add the properties? --> Read More

Trustees Berry, Ginley, and Pace have used their business and personal email addresses for conducting township business.  --> Read More

January 16, 2023, Trustee Meeting - There was a discussion about using a single trash hauler. Trustee Pace indicated one reason not to go with one was that "several residents who voiced the opinion the Township should not dictate what company they use." Did Trustees care about residents' opinions of not wanting Menards? --> Read More

Together in The Market at Medina Line? --> Read More
CT Consultants working for Menards and Granger - Menards reimburses Granger for the CT Consultant fees - $$$$ - What's that all about? --> Read More

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